Dec. 7th, 2013

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So, I think I'm going to be a sheep and do that December meme everyone else is doing. Mostly, so I use this thing and don't lose the internet handle OF MY HEART. So leave comments about whatever you'd like me to pontificate about and I will try to do so over the next few weeks.



1. I am ridiculously happy about the start of the women's college basketball season. I think this is because football has been disappointing this season. (Oh, Aaron.) It also makes me wish I lived closer to Madison, so I could buy Wisconsin WBB tickets. I really want to go to the Nebraska vs. Wisconsin game but it's on a Wednesday night which suuuuuuuuuuuucks. Also, the Big Ten moved the WBB conference tournament back to Indianapolis which means I can't go and that makes me sad.

But I do the scorebook for random grade school/high school games and that's entertaining? It's also what I'm doing tonight.

2. My Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day present to my mom is season tickets to our local theater company's productions. Sadly, they've had to move from 5 productions to 4 because of budget constraints. But tomorrow, she and I will go see The Christmas Schooner. I don't know how popular it is outside of the Lake Michigan region, since it's about a ship that shipwrecks in Lake Michigan carrying Christmas trees from the Upper Pennisula to Chicago. Which doesn't seem that cheery but fittingly German? Anyway, a few of my mom's students are in it and we've never seen anything we didn't like there.

3. I'm turning 32 at some point in December and I'm having angst about it.

4. Hopefully, everything will work out and in April and [personal profile] starbuck92 will come to Wisconsin and we will have a Black Widow extravaganza. I think the movie is technically Captain America 2 but fuck that.


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