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Thank you for writing me a story! Mostly, a story that complies with spirit of Galentine's Day is going to make me super happy. That's what I like most in stories - women interacting with each other in a multitude of ways. I like talking over blowing shit up, but will not turn down blowing shit up. That's my hand-flappy way of stating my general likes.

Here are my suggestions/likes for the fandoms I requested:

1. Scott & Bailey: Gosh, almost anything. I love this show and I love all of the characters. I must say that Gill Murray is probably my favorite but if you have an idea without her, that's fine. There's so much I'd like to see! How does Gill deal with the fallout from the end of series three, especially considering that in series one she declared that she doesn't make bad calls? How Gill and Janet got know each other and what was it like being female cops breaking through the old boys club? How do Gill and Julie get to know each other? How do Rachel and Janet rebuild trust/friendship after series 3? How do Gill and Janet continue to mentor Rachel? Why does Janet's daughter Taisie idolize Rachel so much? Or you know, a night in the pub just blowing off steam. Or anything else you can think of!

2. Veep: Selina Meyer and her sweary self, please. Mostly, I'd like to see teamwork between Amy, Selina and Sue but in the spirit of the show, the teamwork goes horribly awry and really is about themselves. It'd be interesting to see Selina out on the campaign trail - at any point in her career - especially when she has to deal with people outside of the Beltway. It'd also be interesting to see how Selina met either Amy or Sue. Or discover at what point(s) Selina felt that she had to jettison her principles and how Amy and/or Catherine reacted to that. Or even more interaction between Selina and the Finnish prime minister (or any fictional female politician - Nicola Murray, Birgitte Nyborg, Harriet Jones, etc.)

3. Doctor Who: MARTHA JONES. Martha Jones is my favorite. Stories from her year walking the Earth would be great. Or having adventures/drinking with/blowing shit up with other companions either through her work at UNIT or through timey-whimey handwaving. Or have River Song steal the TARDIS and gather up Martha and whomever else you want. Or Martha and Kate Stewart planning at UNIT. Or Martha having a day with her sister. Just make sure that Martha really is good.

4. Parks and Recreation: Mostly, I'd like to see a girls' night out where Leslie has stuff way too planned out but April and Donna try to deviate from it. Or maybe a road trip to Ann Arbor to see Ann after she has her baby. Or maybe a future fic with Leslie being the junior Senator from Indiana. Or I don't know - toilet-papering Jamm's house. Just let everyone have fun and friendship!


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