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Music: The Greatest by Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar
Source: Sports!

Notes: Premiered at [community profile] wiscon_vidparty. Fuck you, women's sports are awesome.

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Stamina from kb on Vimeo.

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1. Galentine's Day authors were revealed! I wrote my first fic in probably two years or so and it felt nice to be writing again. Teach Your Children - a T:SCC fic that's about Savannah Weaver and her many mommies.

I also received a WONDERFUL fic for Scott & Bailey by [personal profile] gabolange: Life on Mars. It's Gill and her relationships with the various women on the show and how they overlap.

I should probably get a AO3 account but I just feel really awkward about my old fic. That and the majority of it is written for BSG and I really still hate that show.

2. I'm going on a TV watching binge, which I have mixed feelings about. I feel like I watch a ridiculous amount of TV. Right now, I'm watching Silk, which I can't decide whether I like it or not. The pros are that Martha Costello is completely kickass and idealistic in the pursuit of justice. The cons are I think we're supposed to like dickhead Clive and the show wants to put them together. Plus a slightly ridiculous miscarriage.

I'm also watching Green Wing because Pippa Haywood. It's very . . . British comedy.

Then I have this never-ending list of THINGS I SHOULD WATCH:
1. Top of the Lake
2. Orphan Black - I watched the first episode and it didn't click? I also was sad they killed the German one.
3. The Americans - since it's Jack and Irina, apparently
4. House of Cards (both BBC and US versions)
5. Forbrydelsen - I watched the first six episodes and I like it, I just need to get back to watching it again.

There's probably more but I can't think of them right now.

3. BASKETBALL. I have an awful confession. Since Pat Summitt's retired, I haven't been so invested in Tennessee as I used to be. Nebraska women are kind of taking over my heart. They aren't an elite program but I just kind of love watching them. Also, with the dawn of the Big Ten Network, I get a lot more Big Ten teams games aired than I can get of Tennessee or Notre Dame or Stanford.

4. In two months, I will be in Denmark.
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So, I think I'm going to be a sheep and do that December meme everyone else is doing. Mostly, so I use this thing and don't lose the internet handle OF MY HEART. So leave comments about whatever you'd like me to pontificate about and I will try to do so over the next few weeks.



1. I am ridiculously happy about the start of the women's college basketball season. I think this is because football has been disappointing this season. (Oh, Aaron.) It also makes me wish I lived closer to Madison, so I could buy Wisconsin WBB tickets. I really want to go to the Nebraska vs. Wisconsin game but it's on a Wednesday night which suuuuuuuuuuuucks. Also, the Big Ten moved the WBB conference tournament back to Indianapolis which means I can't go and that makes me sad.

But I do the scorebook for random grade school/high school games and that's entertaining? It's also what I'm doing tonight.

2. My Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day present to my mom is season tickets to our local theater company's productions. Sadly, they've had to move from 5 productions to 4 because of budget constraints. But tomorrow, she and I will go see The Christmas Schooner. I don't know how popular it is outside of the Lake Michigan region, since it's about a ship that shipwrecks in Lake Michigan carrying Christmas trees from the Upper Pennisula to Chicago. Which doesn't seem that cheery but fittingly German? Anyway, a few of my mom's students are in it and we've never seen anything we didn't like there.

3. I'm turning 32 at some point in December and I'm having angst about it.

4. Hopefully, everything will work out and in April and [personal profile] starbuck92 will come to Wisconsin and we will have a Black Widow extravaganza. I think the movie is technically Captain America 2 but fuck that.
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Women's basketball games I am going to:

February 17 - Marquette vs. Notre Dame

February 28 - Wisconsin vs. Nebraska

March 3 - Duke vs. North Carolina

March 8 & 9 - Big Ten Conference Tournament (hopefully)


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